Glory Issue 1: Faroe Islands

Glory Issue 1: Faroe Islands


The debut issue of Glory Magazine investigates the incredible rise of Faroese football and looks beneath the surface of Europe's remotest league. This beautiful land is one of the most passionate, football-loving countries you could visit – a recent index revealed that the Faroe Islands are the most supported national side in the world based on population.

Recent shock wins over former European champions Greece aren't the only time the Faroes have been responsible for a major upset. We've tracked down cult goalkeeping hero Jens Martin Knudsen – aka ‘the man with the bobble hat’ – to get his account of the Faroes’ most historic win against World Cup attendees Austria in 1990.

We met up with current Faroe Islands no.1 Gunnar Nielsen, and asked him what it’s like to be the only Faroe Islander to have made an appearance in the Premier League, and why his wife hates Zlatan Ibrahimović. 

Last but not least, we caught up with Skansin – a newly-formed group of die-hard supporters bringing a new dimension to the Faroe Islands’ international games – to uncover the personalities behind football’s most loveable twelfth man.

And behind it all are the stunning landscapes of the ethereal Faroe Islands, lovingly captured by our award-winning photographer. Glory Issue 1 is not to be missed.

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112pp, PUR bound and printed on uncoated FSC paper stock. Limited edition run.