Nash Draws

No, not our co-founder and Head of Design Lee (who is worryingly terrible with a pencil), but his namesake Christopher Nash. His striking use of colour with pencil crayons, as demonstrated in the illustrations shown, bring to life the character of some of football's greatest characters. Here, Chris talks to Glory about his inspiration and passion for the beautiful game. 


"So, I'm an illustrator from Preston, England, and was inspired to follow the illustration path after discovering and immediately falling in love with the work of Ralph Steadman. I followed my dreams of being the next Ralph to university, but having graduated with a degree in illustration from the North Wales School of Art & Design, I entered into the artistic wilderness for too many years. However, after the shot in the arm of becoming a father, and inspired by my fanatical passion for football, in the last few years I've been revitalised in creating vivid pencil crayon portraiture that aims to make the most of using a very limited colour palette. There seems to be a great relationship developing between football and art right now and its exciting to be a part of that. Recently, I've worked with Monsa Publications and Box To Box magazine and I'm motivated to expand my client base further.

I'm an avid supporter of Preston North End and as you can imagine I've endured plenty of highs and lows over the years, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I try to keep up with football across all levels (especially at park level with my four year old!) but perhaps my biggest vice is collecting football shirts, seriously need help with that little addiction!"

You can see more of Chris' work at